The art of lubricant application has evolved considerably since their invention. Early grease products, probably made from animal fat and lime, were likely applied by hand - to the maximum extent possible - and undoubtedly left much to be desired. There are still some applications where applying a lubricant by hand might still be relevant. But to a large degree, the task of relubricating components is highly repetitive, offers low value for personnel and can generally be cost-effective with a variety of automatic and semiautomatic lubrication systems.

System requirements may range from a simple, battery-powered, single-port, timed lubricator to a sophisticated dual-line reversing system with timers and alarms, covering thousands of points over hundreds to thousands of feet. Fortunately, there are systems designed for almost any application that may be divided into the following types:

  • Single-line resistance/orifice system
  • Piston distributed
  • Standard injector system
  • Single-line series and parallel
  • Dual-line series and parallel
  • Re-circulation (continuous oil feed)
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