Refund, Return, Replace, Repair, Restock

(5xR) Policy


LUBE ITs’ Refund, Return, Replace, Repair and Restock Policy is applicable to purchases made from via stores only. At Lube It, we want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase.

We, therefore, recommend you read our Refund, Return, Replacement, Repair and Restock Policy prior to you making a purchase from any of our online Lube It stores, so you are familiar with our policy on refunds, returns, and repairs, and your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

We also recommend you immediately inspect any goods that we deliver to you or that you collect from a Lube It supplier, to ensure you are completely satisfied with the goods, including that the goods are of acceptable quality, and match the description we have provided to you.

The customer shall inspect the goods on delivery and shall within three (3) days of delivery, and notify the corresponding supplier of any alleged defect, damage or failure to comply with the description or quote. If the customer fails to comply with these guidelines, the goods shall be conclusively presumed to be in accordance with the terms and conditions and free from any defect or damage.


Consumer Guarantees

Under the Australian Consumer Law, you have guaranteed legal rights for goods and services you purchase. These are called consumer guarantees.

All goods sold in Australia come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

There are nine consumer guarantees that apply to goods you purchase:

  1. Acceptable quality.

  2. Fit for a particular purpose

  3. Match description

  4. Match the sample or demonstration model

  5. Express warranties will be honoured

  6. Spare parts and repair facilities will be available for a reasonable time after purchase

  7. Title to the goods

  8. Undisturbed possession of the goods

  9. No undisclosed securities on the goods

Consumer guarantees cannot be excluded and are in addition to any extended warranty you purchase or any voluntary warranty (warranty against defects) you are given. There may be circumstances where you are not entitled to a remedy. For further information about the Australian Consumer Law and consumer guarantees, visit


Easy Returns

EASY Returns is a one-step solution for all return management needs. With advanced features like partial and full return,  EASY Returns provides customers with full control of Refunds, Replacements, and Credits by giving customera easy and fast option to return single products from an order of multiple products within a few clicks.

EASY Returns sends the return slip to the customer via email when the supplier approves the return/refund/replacement request.

How to Return an item:

  1. Go to your Online Account and click the Return tab.

  2. Find the order you want to return, and click OK. Select the item you want to exchange, and then select a reason from the Reason for return menu.

  3. An Return order, with the same shipping speed that was used on your original item, will be created. You can use the return label provided to you to send your original item back. You'll need to return the original item within 7 days in order to exchange items.


Delivery Charges

Where the supplier considers the goods to have breached a consumer guarantee, any shipping costs to return the goods to the Supplier will be at the Supplier’s cost.


Goods Damaged in Transit

If any goods arrive damaged, please contact our the Supplier of the item/s as soon as possible. The supplier/s will arrange to have the damaged goods returned to their store and either arrange for a replacement of the goods or request us to refund the price to you. Damaged goods must be returned in the condition received by you with all original packaging, accessories and/or manuals.



You can replace an item through you Online Account if your replacement meets certain criteria.


The item being exchanged must meet the following criteria:


  • Was purchased through LUBE IT

  • Your order missing an item or part and you want a replacement

  • You receive a damaged, defective, or wrong item sold by LUBE IT and want to replace it with the same item?

  • Was not purchased by you as a Rewards Gift

  • Was not an Add-On item

  • The item to be exchanged is identical to the item being returned

  • Wasn't purchased with a promotion (except for free shipping promotions)



Goods must be returned within 7 days to the supplier. Goods must be returned in the same condition they are received. Goods will not be eligible for return if there is any further damage, marking or engraving on the item.

You may return goods via courier or by dropping it off at the supplier's location where you collected your goods, or where your goods were despatched from. A supplier staff member will assist you with any return or repair. This may include inspecting the goods, arranging for the goods to be sent for repair, or providing you with a replacement.

This timeframe may vary from product to product and may depend on the type of product you purchased and the price you paid.



Goods returned for repair will be assessed and/or repaired within a reasonable time. You may be provided with an indicative repair time, which time may vary due to reasons beyond ours or the repairer’s reasonable control, such as part availability and incorrect fault description.

You may be required to pay labour, assessment and/or freight fees, such as where goods are assessed to have been damaged by misuse or accident, or where your rights under the Australian Consumer Law or any manufacturer’s warranty do not apply. We may provide you with an indicative fee, which fee may vary due to reasons beyond our control.

In some circumstances, goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.

In the event of an exchange, the replacement item(s) will be sent within 2 business days of receipt of the original item(s).


Refunds will be processed by Lube It Australia and will normally be processed within 3 days. The refund will be processed through bank transfer, credit card refund, or PayPal refund depending on how you made your purchase.


About Refunds

When you return an item, your eligibility for a refund and how your refund is issued, may differ based on a number of factors, including how long you have had the item, how the item was purchased and the reason for the return.


Australian Consumer Law

This Policy and any related return and refund rights we offer you apply in addition to other rights and remedies you may have under law including under the Australian Consumer Law.


How Refunds Are Issued

Most refunds are issued based on the payment method used at the time of purchase. The following are the refund timelines associated with each payment method.



Payment Method

Refund Method

Refund Time

(After the refund is processed)

Credit Card

Credit Card

2 to 10 business days

Reward Points

Reward Points


Processing time for returns may take 1-5 business days after we receive the item(s).

Note: In cases where the original payment method is a credit card, we may process a refund via Credit in your Lube It Account upon your request, or if the refund cannot be made to the credit card used for payment.


Late Refunds


You can check the status of your refund in Your Account on the order's summary page. If your refund is not showing as refunded in Your Account, and the processing time for your payment method has passed, you can contact us at for further assistance.


Credit Slips


Credit slips are receipts that are issued by you (the merchant) to your customer that acknowledge an accepted return of merchandise. Credit slips are sent AFTER the supplier has confirmed the return of a resalable product from the customer.



Restocking Fee

The 40% restocking fee applies after the 7 Day Return Period has expired. All items returning for a refund after the 7 Day Return Period will be subject to a 40% restocking fee. Lube It to reverse many transactions that adversely affects the supply chain Multi-Store Reseller, the State Distribution Centres, the Reward Points system, extra Bank and Accounting fees, as well as Lube It’s administration cost to ensure all reversed transaction does not trouble our eco-system.

We strongly advise all our customers to shop wisely and carefully, to avoid the costs of returning and restocking items.


Deduction of Reward Points


Reward Points attached to the item returned for credit or a refund will also be deducted from the customers Rewards Account.