Beginning January 2019, Lube It was ignited by a group of professionals specialising in various aspects of Western Australia’s Oil and Grease Lubrication Industry, who recognised the need for a simple yet sophisticatedly smart “One-Stop Omni-Shop” for both suppliers and customers.

Desiring more than an ordinary e-commerce platform, Lube It set about to build the most ambitious website that would compete against the leaders of online shopping, such as Amazon and eBay.

Lube It went about building a team of highly specialised A.I engineers from around the globe, each offering a unique set of skills and solutions that would form the website that is now before you.

Lube It is now an Artificial Intelligent online supermarket that allows customers to quickly and easily find and buy a multitude of products and be rewarded.

Here are some of our advanced customer features:

  • Intelligent Mobile App (Android and Apple)

  • Finger Scan Login (Mobile only)

  • Customer Loyalty Reward Points

  • Customer Product Ratings and Reviews

  • A.I. Voice Search & Quick Search

  • Personalising Customer Shopping Preferences

  • Customers talk to Suppliers direct

  • Buy Online - Pick Up from Supplier

  • Multiple Delivery Options

  • Multiple Payment Terms

  • Friction and Fast One Page Checkout

  • Online Product Warranties

  • Fast, Trackable, Traceable Deliveries with Driver ratings

  • Corporate Gift Shop

  • RSS Industry News Feeds

  • API integration of systems - from customer to Lube It, and from supplier to Lube It

Lube It unites competitors and complementary product players together to sell and supply thousands of deep Oil and Grease related product and accessories, automate and streamline dozens of business and data transactions in a single order. Offering customer confidence, trust, reassurance, quality, and total peace of mind when purchasing through Lube It.