Single & Dual Line Progressive

The single-line progressive system is a third type of automated system. It is engineered to deliver exact lubricant amounts to each point. However, with this system, the lubrication amounts and points may not be altered, and initial installation costs are higher.

The primary advantage of these systems is that performance can be easily and inexpensively monitored to verify that each lube point is constantly being serviced. This type of system also prevents unauthorised interference with system settings, so workers cannot inadvertently change the precise lubrication amounts and intervals.  

The latest dual-line lubrication systems incorporate a modular design, which can help lower monitoring investments and simultaneously reduce bearing maintenance and replacement costs. With these systems, it is no longer necessary to disconnect supply or discharge valves to change out a non-working section. When valve replacement is required, only the piston section is replaced rather than the entire valve block.

In order to meet the largest system requirements, these designs also permit the creation of dual-line valves with an infinite number of outlets, which is ideal for the steel, cement, pulp and paper, mining and other heavy industries. Essentially, users can tap into the dual lines anywhere and insert a dual-line valve, enabling critical lubrication points to be grouped into zones, which allows for greater design flexibility.

The new modular systems come in both carbon steel and stainless steel for highly caustic environments. They can also provide the flexibility of hybrid systems because they can be easily converted to dispense either grease or oil without having to abandon the original investment in dual-line components.

Single & Dual Line Progressive
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